Wirelessor is a wireless equipment engineering, design and manufacturer of wireless industry. We have a dream that one day with wirelessor we could use all our electronic device wirelessly. With the development of wireless electronic charging and wireless data transfer, wirelessor will lead a fantastic wireless lifestyle in next 100 years.

Invented in 1888 by Nikola Tesla
Alternating current long-distance electrical transmission system (1888) and other methods and devices for Power transmission. Wireless transfer of electricity and the Tesla effect.

Wirelessor Equipment
Wirelessor release tons of wireless based product in the coming years. Wirelessor Equipment is the sign of the equipment with wireless technology. As a equipment we have to offer the durable, innovative and essential creation to the world.

Wirelessor Technology Company LLC.
After years of research, wirelessor will act as an independent brand in the wireless market. We will use the element of “ wireless technology” to design a wide range of products and start to distributing all over the world.
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